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I would like to book a “Fly Me to You” experience.  What do I need to know?

I love adventure and am delighted that you have found yourself considering some extended time with me.  Be it a short overnight or as a companion on your next business trip, I’m enthusiastic about quality time to explore new places and spoil each other.

I'll cover off a few frequently asked questions below, but don't hesitate to reach out with any further questions you might have.


What is your minimum FMTY booking?


My minimum FMTY bookings are:

  • NSW/Vic/Qld/SA - 12 hrs 

  • All other Australian States + NZ - 36 hrs

  • Asia - 4 days

  • Europe/South America/Canada - 7 days

  • Unfortunately, I do not accept FMTY bookings to the United States


In addition to my rates, all air & ground transport, accomodation and associated costs must be covered.  Travel time is charged at a rate of $75/hr when I am travelling solo.  On the rare occasion that we travel together, the booking begins upon meeting.

30% + expenses is required to secure our time together.

Can I transfer my frequent flyer points to you?


Transfer of frequent flyer points in order to reduce your expenses is not possible because this would require full disclosure of my personal details.  Additionally, frequent flyer points are one of the (well deserved) perks of a companion’s business. I would like to accumulate frequent flyer benefits during the course of my business, just as you likely enjoy similar perks during yours.  

We’re travelling from/to the same place. Can we fly together?


Air travel during FMTY experiences will be conducted separately in order to maintain privacy and discretion. This also includes moving through customs and immigration.  Exceptions are made only in very rare circumstances.  Whilst I appreciate that this may cause some disappointment, be assured that after some stress-free solo time in the air, I will arrive relaxed, rested and ready for whatever adventure awaits.

Do you require Business Class airfares?


For flights under 4hrs, I do not require Business Class airfares. That said, there is definitely an argument to be made for having me arrive to you well rested and refreshed, even after even a short time on a flight.  Business Class flights mean someone is there to take care of me, which is delightful indeed. 


Flights over 4hrs require business class airfares. I fly via Qantas & One World affiliates where possible.


Please ask away.  I'll get back to you as quickly as possible

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