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But first...

You have made a booking and our time together is confirmed.  What next?

Whatever the adventure we have planned, there are a few things that will help our time together be everything that it can be.

Is there anything I should know?

A little information goes a long way and does not detract from my naturally calm yet spontaneous way.  Things you could consider letting me know in advance:

  • Something in particular you would like me to wear

  • Music that gets you in the mood

  • Any special needs you may have

  • Something new you would like to experience


Pro tip: Read directions early

If you're visiting me, experience tells me that the anticipation and adrenalin of your visit can make reading directions look like a foreign language.  Save yourself some stress - do your homework early and arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Sharing is caring

Whether fleeting or enduring for years, I can confidently say that we'll create something unforgettable together. 

After you have spent time with me, please consider leaving a review on Scarlet Blue, Ivy Societe or forums you may belong to. 

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