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Ultimate Girlfriend Experience vs Ultimate Naughty Girlfriend Experience.

What is the difference?

So glad you asked.  I don't love service lists and I operate in states which legally prevent me from providing one. My fee primarily covers my time.

Now why don't you slide into my emails and ask me what you *really* want to know. I provide a safe space where, I promise you won't be judged. 


How old are you?


At 44 years old, I am a mature companion -  I am well maintained and look younger than most women my age. However, if it is a 20yo face and body you seek, you will find plenty of gorgeous women who fit that description elsewhere.  For an unforgettable encounter with a beautiful woman with plenty of lived experience, a sharp wit and who can confidently pass as your girlfriend (or wife), then welcome. Let’s have fun.

We have a great time together and clearly connect.  Can you take that into consideration when costing your time?   

My time is my source of income. Please do not devalue it by attempting to negotiate with me on my rates.  I will not entertain people who repeatedly attempt to do so.  


If you are working with a budget for a longer booking, please feel free to mention the amount when making contact and I can make suggestions as to how we can best manage that. 


Please ask away.  I'll get back to you as quickly as possible

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You might wait a long time to hear from me. Call me.

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