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Let's be VERY clear that I am here to spoil you and in allowing me to, you are giving me the most treasured gift of a pathway to financial freedom.

For those who find pleasure in enabling me, please find below a list of experiences and things I covet.

For those without the means or inclination to provide gifts, a generous smile and good joke will keep me plenty happy enough to keep you happy.

As much as anything, this list exists to give you some insight into my interests and the things that bring me pleasure.

Mature luxury escort Samantha sits on a luxury hotel bed wearing a white bathrobe.  It is loosely tied at the waist but exposes her significant cleavage.  Ms Samantha is licking her fingers after taking a bite of the burger which sits on the room service tray on the bed in front of her.  She is holding a glass of champagne with her other hand.  An ice bucket with the champagne bottle and a second glass of champagne sits on the bedside table in the background.

For those who prefer me to arrange my own gift or something special to wear for them, my Beem is ms_samantha.

Whilst generous and appreciated, gifts are not in lieu of payment.

Wishtender is (hopefully) returning soon.

My charity of choice is  YoungCare

Oh, Yes Please List


Too Matcha Coffee


Andy & Edie


A Llama in NY


Of good times.




So many books.  So little time.

The Age of Magical Overthinking

Thus Spoke Zarathustra 

Spin me 'round



Soviet Kitsch

Begin to Hope


Have accessories, will travel

Make-up brushes

Jewellery case

Make-up Bag - Lge

Make-up Bag - Med

The "I have to pay for it anyway" List

Fresh as a daisy

Laser Clinics - Zetland

Of Dresses & Jewels

Neck Tie - Sz 2

Tulle me around - Sz 2

Staple - Sz 40

Goldie - 37.5

Emerald - 37.5

I'll bring the jeans.

Most wanted Blazer

Size 12 AU

Sporty Kate

Size 37.5

Twinkle toes

Onitsuka Tiger

Size 39

25 years of longing

2.55 Bag - Chanel 


Cannot go wron

YSL Crossbody bags

Undress me... IM Boutique

Your choice, or....

Size 14



Gold or Rose Gold

Dream Dates

Couples massage anyone?

The Darling Spa


Shall we (watch somebody else) dance?

Australian Ballet

Sydney Spiegeltent

Let's eat, drink & be merry!

Le Foote



Caterpillar Club

Sail away

Sydney Harbour Luxe Charters

(Only available to those well known to me)

Camping like royalty

Longitude 131

Passport ready. 

Lights out

Grand Slam

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